From the Teacher’s Bench

Meet Kelsey Legore

Music Works Iowa is trilled to announce a new face around the studio. Kelsey Legore joins Music Works Iowa this summer as additional piano instructor, though her years as a choral conductor and classroom teacher will bring many opportunities for collaboration and partnering with our other studios. Best of all, Kelsey is a fun personContinue reading “Meet Kelsey Legore”

Meet Nicole Philbrick

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Music Works Iowa and JA Clair School of Music. Beginning in the fall 2022, Music Works Iowa will partner with JA Clair School of Music to offer individual and group Irish fiddle lessons in Mount Vernon. Nicole Philbrick, owner of JA Clair School, already hasContinue reading “Meet Nicole Philbrick”

Summer lessons?

At long last, school is out for summer! No more pencils! No more books! No more teacher’s dirty looks So why should we continue with summer lessons? Stop brain drain in its tracks. Music reading is a skill and the first thing to go when we pause lessons is…er…music reading. Students come back to lessonsContinue reading “Summer lessons?”

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Piano or Keyboard?

Probably the first two questions when a new student begins lessons are “Do I have to have a piano ?” (spoiler: YES!) and “Should I get a piano or keyboard?” (spoiler: It’s complicated!) PIANOS Pianos come in 3 varieties — spinet, upright, or grand. There are all kinds of variations on this — baby grand,Continue reading “Piano or Keyboard?”


Do I have to practice? YES!  Consistent practice yields consistent growth as a musician!  It is better to practice for 30 minutes every day than for 4 hours the night before your lesson.  Remember, you are developing a mental process and a physical process.  Just like an athlete, you have to train every day! If youContinue reading “FAQs”

Fonts and family

I have an app on my phone called “What the font.” When I see a font that I enjoy or have a question about, it lets me scan the font and returns with the likely font name. I’ve had some real font love affairs. 8 years ago it was Raleway. Lately it’s Montserrat and Lora.Continue reading “Fonts and family”


People love to talk about gear. I get it. I can spend hours listening to YouTube videos comparing electric piano sounds between brands. Gear is fun! Here is the gear and music that I recommend. Updated June 2021. Pianos This topic will be its own post. I can can go on (and on and on….)Continue reading “Gear”