So what do virtual lessons look like?

Prior to March 2020, I had taught exactly 3 virtual lessons. I (falsely) was under the impression that virtual lessons were inferior to in-person lessons. And then Covid. And lock-down. And stay-at-home. Suddenly virtual lessons seemed like a very good option.

Having had 23 months to perfect the process, virtual lessons look like this:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7ee0700f-688d-4a8c-b771-1803a747027d.jpg
A view from the teacher’s bench

I prefer zoom to other platforms. Zoom allows us to have multiple camera angles. You can see my hands, my face, and even my feet when discussing pedaling.

What do you need for your set up? Check out the virtual lesson post for students.

Interested in some virtual lesson outtakes?

Interested in enrolling in virtual lessons? Contact Music Works for more info!

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