How Much Should I Practice?

When students are first beginning, the number one asked question after “What kind of instrument should I buy?” is “How much should I practice?” You’ve heard it: Practice makes perfect. Practice makes progress. Perfect practice makes progress. Progressive practice makes practice perfection. Peter Piper picked a peck of practice perfection progression. Last winter we heldContinue reading “How Much Should I Practice?”

Music Works Iowa to offer Kiddo and Caregiver Class

Music Works Iowa is excited to offer a new Kiddo and Caregiver music experience.  Newborns through preschool-aged students will begin their musical journey with the support of a trusted adult, led by certified, experienced music educator (and toddler mom) Kelsey Legore. Each week we will explore the rich world of music using our voices, instruments, books,Continue reading “Music Works Iowa to offer Kiddo and Caregiver Class”

On-Demand vs 24 hour Access

Since Netflix came into popularity as a streaming service, businesses have wrestled with the Cable vs Netflix model. Should you offer 24 hour access (subscription) or should you offer on-demand services? But let’s go back one step further: Originally it was Cable vs. Blockbuster. Back another step: Originally it was Cable vs. Antenna. And backContinue reading “On-Demand vs 24 hour Access”

So what do virtual lessons look like?

Prior to March 2020, I had taught exactly 3 virtual lessons. I (falsely) was under the impression that virtual lessons were inferior to in-person lessons. And then Covid. And lock-down. And stay-at-home. Suddenly virtual lessons seemed like a very good option. Having had 23 months to perfect the process, virtual lessons look like this: IContinue reading “So what do virtual lessons look like?”

MWI to offer Introductory Voice Classes!

Introductory Vocal Classes The Introductory Vocal Class is for young singers who love to sing. Classes are a wonderful introduction to vocal music. The classes are small (5 students max) and include singing and movement and most importantly – FUN. Each week we explore the voice and discover musical concepts in a fun, inclusive, play-basedContinue reading “MWI to offer Introductory Voice Classes!”

What do students need for virtual lessons?

Lots of students are nervous about virtual lessons because they don’t know what they will need to do to set them up. If you’re in that boat, this post is for you! In short, you will need a piano/keyboard, a computer/tablet/phone, and internet access. That’s it! Easy Peasy! All of the info below is optimizationContinue reading “What do students need for virtual lessons?”

So what do in-person lessons look like?

With all the hub-bubloo about virtual lessons, people may wonder, “What do in-person lessons look like?” Surely they look like a little old grandmother, down the street, that gives out cookies at every lesson. Maybe they look like the mean music teacher that whacks your hand with a ruler when you drop out of properContinue reading “So what do in-person lessons look like?”