Summer lessons?

At long last, school is out for summer! No more pencils! No more books! No more teacher’s dirty looks

Honestly, they only get this look when I remind them to wear sunscreen.

So why should we continue with summer lessons?

Stop brain drain in its tracks. Music reading is a skill and the first thing to go when we pause lessons is…er…music reading. Students come back to lessons in August after a summer off remembering how to play their intricate recital piece and completely forgetting how to read the next piece in their lesson books. Summer lessons, even sporadic, put a plug in the brain drain.

Explore something new. Summer is a great time to try a new instrument, a new style of music, a new way of reading music, or a new topic. Let’s figure out how to accompany a soloist! Let’s figure out how to play the guitar with better technique. Let’s learn what singers actually think about when they’re singing. It’s all possible!

Experience a flexible lesson schedule. You can have 4 lessons in June and 2 in July. You can have two-a-week lessons in June and prepare a big final project. Simply said there’s space to breathe in the summer.

Commit to life-long learning. Music doesn’t stop in the summer. Music is a life-long skill that you can take with you into retirement. Commit early to making music a part of your life and not an extra-curricular activity. Imagine the life you want. Are you playing with a community band? Gigging with a band? Karaoke on the weekends? Singing in a church choir? Playing piano for your community theaters? Let’s do it! Let’s make plans this summer for how we can make it happen.

Interested in trying something new or exploring summer lessons? Contact Julia for more information.

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