On-Demand vs 24 hour Access

Since Netflix came into popularity as a streaming service, businesses have wrestled with the Cable vs Netflix model. Should you offer 24 hour access (subscription) or should you offer on-demand services?

But let’s go back one step further: Originally it was Cable vs. Blockbuster. Back another step: Originally it was Cable vs. Antenna. And back to the beginning: it was just the Antenna.

I had those cabinets. And that color scheme. And those tiles….

Yes, back in the beginning you simply plugged in your TV, adjusted those rabbit ears, and three (if you’re lucky 3!) very exciting, very diverse channels came over the waves and into your home. And it was enough. But then cable. And then VCRs. And then Netflix. And then Youtube. And now, interestingly the original antenna channels have streaming services of their own.

And what’s this got to do with piano? Everything! Should we pay per lesson or should we pay tuition? Should we commit to piano lessons or should we try guitar lessons? Should we do one-on-one lessons or try a group class?

The answer, in my opinion, is yes.

Yes. Try them all. There is no, one sized fits all, cookie cutter music education model. What works for one student may not work for another and what worked 60 years ago may not work today.

At Music Works Iowa we offer

  • Different instruments (with more coming!)
  • Group classes (with more coming!)
  • Different ways to pay: from long-term on-demand lessons, to tuition-based lessons, to touch-up, short-term lessons (with more coming!)
  • Lessons for all ages (with more coming!)
  • Virtual, in-person, or hybrid lessons (with more coming!)

We are committed to variety within our business model. We are committed to trying new things. We are a student-centered studio that wants to build musical possibilities within our little corner of the world. We are also aware that some services fit better elsewhere: if you’re interested in playing the harp, we are not the best studio for you. We know who we are, who we want to be, and what we are able to do.

Want to try something new? Reach out to Julia in the office.

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