What do students need for virtual lessons?

Lots of students are nervous about virtual lessons because they don’t know what they will need to do to set them up. If you’re in that boat, this post is for you!

In short, you will need a piano/keyboard, a computer/tablet/phone, and internet access. That’s it! Easy Peasy! All of the info below is optimization tricks. We will take some lesson time at your first virtual lesson to confirm that you have an optimal set-up!

Piano — assuming the student can hear it, I can hear it. See microphone info below.

Computer/Tablet/Phone — You will need a device that can access a Zoom link. You can improve your sound drastically in Zoom by toggling on either “original sound” or better yet, by enabling music mode. Not sure how to do this? Check out this video.

Internet Access — You will need internet access. Wired internet (using a ethernet cable) is always preferable. If you experience spotty internet, try limiting the number of devices on your wireless network during lesson times.

Other stuff — Encourage other folks in your house to be quiet during lessons. If you have music settings on Zoom toggled on (see above), your mic is actively trying to pick up all sounds. This means if you’re cooking dinner in the next room, I can hear you. If your dog is chasing your cat, I can hear it. If you are having a private conversation in a loud voice, I can hear it.

Many students have invested in external microphones during the pandemic. External microphones are a treat, but by no means necessary. You can “test” your mic settings with me during lessons or you can use the record feature in your Zoom account to hear it for yourself. Check out this post on gear in my studio (when available).

Mount your computer or device in a way that I can see the student and their hands. Students have used purchased tripods and phone mounts as well as some very, very creative mounting systems. Both work wonderfully. Quick tip: Don’t cover up the built in mic on your device.

Mounting set-up
Highly technical phone set-up

Remember all of the above info is optimization. You need a piano, a device to capture yourself, and the internet. We will work out the rest of the kinks in your first lesson.

Interested in signing up for lessons? Contact Music Works here!

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