Do I have to practice? YES!  Consistent practice yields consistent growth as a musician!  It is better to practice for 30 minutes every day than for 4 hours the night before your lesson.  Remember, you are developing a mental process and a physical process.  Just like an athlete, you have to train every day! If you miss a day (even I skip an occasional Sunday!) don’t cram the next day. Simply begin your usual routine and catch up.

How much do I have to practice? Not everyone needs to practice 4 hours a day.  In the beginning, I advocate 30 minutes a day for pianists. This can easily be divided into 15 minutes “chunks” before and after school.  However, it is not the quantity of practice but the quality.  Each teacher and student will decide the appropriate amount of practice time.

Is there anything I can do as a parent to help my child succeed? YES!  Parents play a vital role in ensuring growth as a musician. Even if you’ve never played a note, you can help your child practice.

  • Ask about their lessons and practice.  Make both an important part of their day.
    • Check the notebook and make sure s/he is completing all assignments
    • Encourage their playing and, if necessary, ensure that they are working everyday
    • Listen to music as a family. Attend concerts regularly. Make sure the child knows that music is important and a priority to your family. And remember, different kinds of music are a good thing. 

Is it okay if my child “doodles?” Doodling is important too!  The ability to improvise is a lasting skill that applies to music lessons and to the rest of their lives.  As a parent, your job is to ensure that the student gets a balanced diet of doodling and practicing for lessons.

Have more questions? Reach out to the office for specific questions!

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