People love to talk about gear. I get it. I can spend hours listening to YouTube videos comparing electric piano sounds between brands. Gear is fun! Here is the gear and music that I recommend. Updated June 2021.


This topic will be its own post. I can can go on (and on and on….) about preferred keyboards.


(click here for a thorough discussion on piano vs keyboards )

Yamaha P45 — the Honda accord of keyboards.

Roland Juno 88 — I personally own this keyboard. It has wonderful sounds and a great touch. HOWEVER you will need external speakers to utilize it.

Casio PX560 — I have a crush on this keyboard. It has a touch screen. It’s BLUE.


EVERY STUDENT IS UNIQUE. I am posting what I frequently use, but not what I always use. We will discuss the correct choice for you!

I use the Piano Adventures Curriculum for beginning piano students.

For older beginners, we will sometimes use Piano Pronto

Adult beginners usually use Alfred All-in-One Piano Course

Virtual Gear

If engaging in virtual lessons, you will need a device. Most students thrive with the Ipad.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the M1 Macbook Air. This is a computer, but it’s my new favorite laptop, and the one I currently use for lessons.

Want to up your sound-game? Consider getting a Blue Yeti. It’s literally plug and play.

I don’t personally own this, but I wish I did. My current phone mount leaves something to be desired. Here is a phone mount that you can screw into any mic stand.

A final thought….

I get frustrated at gear posts (having just wrote one!) I don’t want people to assume that gear makes the musician. I’ve met amazing players with used and hand-me-down stuff and “gear heads” that could spend more time practicing. Ultimately gear is a tool. You are the musician.

The very best gear you can buy is the gear that you use!


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