What do students need for virtual lessons?

Lots of students are nervous about virtual lessons because they don’t know what they will need to do to set them up. If you’re in that boat, this post is for you! In short, you will need a piano/keyboard, a computer/tablet/phone, and internet access. That’s it! Easy Peasy! All of the info below is optimizationContinue reading “What do students need for virtual lessons?”

So what do in-person lessons look like?

With all the hub-bubloo about virtual lessons, people may wonder, “What do in-person lessons look like?” Surely they look like a little old grandmother, down the street, that gives out cookies at every lesson. Maybe they look like the mean music teacher that whacks your hand with a ruler when you drop out of properContinue reading “So what do in-person lessons look like?”

What to look for in a PIANO

So you’re in the market for a piano to start piano lessons or to upgrade from your existing piano or keyboard? Here’s some buying tips for purchasing a piano. Piano or keyboard? See this previous post. TYPES of PIANOS Broadly speaking, pianos come in three forms: spinet, upright, or grand pianos. See the differences here.Continue reading “What to look for in a PIANO”

What to look for in a keyboard

You’ve decided to invest in a keyboard for you or your student?!? Congratulations! Now what? I’m approaching this conversation as if you are looking for the keyboard to be your primary instrument and that you do not already own a different instrument. If you own a piano, and the keyboard is a second instrument, thenContinue reading “What to look for in a keyboard”